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Samshield Miss Shadowmatt Shimmer

Samshield Miss Shadowmatt Shimmer

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Specifically designed for a classic women's style, the hat features a longer polo-style visor and shimmer frontal band for an elegant feminine finish.

This hat has a matt finish shell, with shimmer fabric on the top and front band, and is finished with dark chrome trim and blazon for an eye-catching modern look.

The Miss Shield has all the same safety features as the classic Samshield riding hat. The polycarbonate outer shell and variable density inner shell provide dissipation of energy produced on impact.

Exceptional ventilation through the front inlet and back extractors help to keep your head cool.

Conforming to VG1 and ASTM 1163 SEI standard, the helmet is finished with a artificial leather chin strap which gives extra security and rigidity, minimizing frontal rotation of the helmet when landing over jumps. Thick internal contact memory foam cushions mould to the rider's head and are removable for washing.

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