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Samshield Miss XJ Glossy Swarovski

Samshield Miss XJ Glossy Swarovski

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Bringing you Samshield “Miss XJ Swarovski” Wide Brim Carbon Fiber Glossy Shiny Equestrian Helmet, the wide brim version of the Samshield XJ helmet. This is the same as the “Miss XJ” with the exception of the Swarovski details in the front frame/blazon of the helmet.

This helmet shell is made from carbon fiber, making it lighter. The wide brim “Miss XJ” sports a leather brim to allow for more sun protection. The contrast of the shiny black shell with the leather brim is stunning.

HELMET XJ MISS SWAROVSKI GLOSSY (Black) / Trim Black Chrome 52 Swarovski crystals 1 liner + 1 Carbon backpack included.

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