Wanted to thank Samshield!! My 15 yr old daughter's horse flipped over onto her while showing in WEF last week.She was wearing your helmet and it saved her head! So grateful!! She walked away with a smashed clavicle, but nothing else. I have pictures of the helmet if you are interested in seeing it!
Thanks again!

 -Gretchen Jelinek

I was recently in a riding accident and my beloved Samshield cracked when a horse went over backwards on me and I landed head first. I do believe it saved my life and I am thankful to only have a mild concussion! I was featured in an article for Horse Illustrated last fall and they have agreed to do a follow up piece. Someone at Samshield asked that I contact you regarding my cracked helmet. Below is the link to the article and a photo of my helmet.

Kind regards,

-Jen Robertson