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Seaver SafeFit Airbag Vest

Seaver SafeFit Airbag Vest

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Professional show jumper Schuyler Riley shares her thoughts on the Seaver Vest - Watch here.

We at RZ love the SAFEFIT airbag vest from Seaver because of how lightweight it is! This vest fits great and you barely notice that it's on while riding.

In the event of a fall, the SAFEFIT airbag vest ensures total protection of the vital areas of your body (neck, cervicals, thorax, back, rib cage, lumbar area, pelvis and sacrum) thanks to its ultra-fast triggering before impact.

Lightweight, comfortable and breathable, it gives you freedom of movement and makes you forget you're wearing it once you’re riding. SAFEFIT is certified by the ALIENOR  CERTIFICATION laboratory which follows the European regulations, it is the only regulatory framework in place from the 21st of April 2023. (UE2016/425)

A one-year SAFERIDE subscription is offered with every order of the SAFEFIT (available on iOS and Android).When activated on your phone, your family and friends are alerted in the event of a fall and can geolocate you to rescue you. Along with the airbag vest, you will receive an activation code to enter directly on the Seaver mobile application.

Equipped with:
1x arming key
1x connecting cord
1x  attachment strap
1x Co2 cartridge 
1x user manual
1x activation code for a one-year free subscription to SAFERIDE

Warranty: 2 years

Weight : 600 g in size M

Standard: SAFEFIT is certified by the ALIENOR CERTIFICATION laboratory, a recognised and independent organisation that certifies protective equipment for riders.
(UE2016/425) NF(S72-800:2021)

Fabric: Nylon 10 Spandex.
Lining: 3-D Foley Warp Spandex Mesh.
Waist: Fleece Warp Knitted Spandex Mesh.
Zip: Nylon
Zip Head: Iron
Connection strap: Nylon + Iron

Technicality :
Stretch fabric, breathable mesh, waterproof zip, slim fit, hidden CO2 gas cartridge, SAFEFIT by Seaver embroidery

Inflation speed: Between 90 et 170 ms.

Do not machine wash or tumble dry. Brush the vest with a slightly damp stiff bristle brush. Air dry, preferably on a hanger. Do not immerse the airbag. The fabric is weatherproof.

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