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Safety Vest CO2 Replacement Canisters

Safety Vest CO2 Replacement Canisters

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Cartridge Size

Please check to see which cartridge size your vest requires before purchasing.
XXS - XS L - 24g Cartridge Only
S - XL - 33/35 g Cartridge Only

The SEAVER gas cartridges are screwed onto the SAFEFIT vests. These cartridges allow the vest to inflate in the event of a fall, which absorbs the shock and protects you. The SAFEFIT vest must not be used without a gas cartridge. Two models of gas cartridges for SAFEFIT are available to fit your SAFEFIT vest. Only a gas cartridge suitable for your SAFEFIT vest can guarantee optimal protection in the event of the airbag mechanism being triggered.  

These cartridges are only compatible with SAFEFIT SEAVER vests and are the only ones that will allow you to be protected in case of a fall. 

-The cartridges can only be used once. You must change the cartridge as soon as the first one is perforated or shows signs of wear. 
-Store at temperatures below 40°C.  
-Keep out of reach of children 

The capacity of the cartridge and thus the volume of gas it contains varies between


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