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Safety Vest Replacement Canisters

Safety Vest Replacement Canisters

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XXS - XS L - 24g Cartridge Only

S - XL - 33g Cartridge Only

Please check to see which cartridge size your vest requires before purchasing.

In the event of a fall, the Safefit airbag waistcoat ensures total protection of the vital areas of your body (cervicals, neck, lumbar area, back, rib cage) thanks to its ultra-fast triggering of less than 200 milliseconds before impact. The lightest airbag on the market (less than 600 grams), it is comfortable, breathable, leaves you free to move and is forgotten once in the saddle.

Safefit is certified by the ALIENOR CERTIFICATION laboratory, in compliance with the European regulation, the only regulatory framework in force as of 21 April 2023 (EU2016/425).

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